Elevate ticket-booking with bespoke cinema solutions

Transform user experience, boost ticket sales and prevent downtime.

We help theatres and cinema chains build powerful ticket booking solutions for a smooth movie-going experience.



booking architecture

Our team builds a robust platform architecture to handle sudden increases in demand. From website development to mobile apps to interactive kiosks, we ensure your system stays strong and steady, even during peak hours.

Middleware integration

Our powerful middleware boosts ticket booking by linking various data sources via APIs. These include cinema management software like Vista. Enable a stable platform and allow for more personalised transactions.

Proactive automation

Use the latest tools to automate and handle issues in real time. Our systems predict, identify and resolve potential problems.

Advanced CMS

We bring together easy content editing, seamless publishing and version control. Leverage powerful SEO settings, multi-language support and analytics with advanced CMS made for cinema.

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product design

We combine a user-centric design process with the right tools and methodologies. Build beautiful, usable products for an uninterrupted and enjoyable cinema experience.

Prototyping and validation

Prioritise user needs with our practical prototypes. Iterate for effective engagement and product validation based on user testing. Continuously refine your product through feedback-driven enhancements.

Consistent user journeys

Ensure a seamless experience across various touchpoints with modern UI components. Our design ensures consistent functionality, ensuring a user-friendly journey.

Success Story

Digital transformation for a leading cinema chain

AlphaApps partners with Muvi Cinemas to elevate Vista Ticketing: 250% active user growth & reduced downtime

The results

Increased user engagement and retention

Tickets booked via digital channels
Increase in Active app users in 8 months
User satisfaction increased on digital platforms
From unique content to interactive add-ons, we forge a unique identity for your platform



Tailored notifications to keep users informed about updates relevant to their interests.


seat selection

Allows users to easily browse available seats and choose their preferred spot.



Users can effortlessly navigate and discover what to watch when faced with indecision.


offer modules

Grants users access to exclusive deals and discounts on various screenings, making it easy to access preferred offers.


orders across all digital channels

Integrates F&B buying options across all channels for a wholesome customer experience.

What Makes AlphaApps an Ideal cinema Partner?


Our 30-member entertainment unit engages with key stakeholders and understands customer pain points from scratch


From CMS to payment gateways, our developers build robust API integrations for smooth data flow


Our commitment to quality sets us apart. We create adaptable, user-centric products that evolve with changing consumer needs
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delighted Clients

In Their Own Words
Team AlphaApps possesses both technological expertise and a profound understanding of business dynamics. They introduced innovative features and business concepts that reflect a remarkable drive to align the platform with our strategic vision.
Anas Shehab
CIO at Muvi Cinema
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