250% active user growth & reduced downtime

AlphaApps partners with Muvi Cinemas to elevate Vista Ticketing

key objectives

Complete overhaul of the existing Vista middleware integration for scalability.

Enhancing customer experience through optimised digital channels and personalised interactions.


Muvi cinemas

Muvi Cinemas is the first homegrown cinema brand in Saudi Arabia. Since its founding in 2019, the company has almost doubled, going from 109 screens to 205 screens across 21 locations and 10 cities.

They aim to become the top-of-mind national brand dedicated to nurturing Saudi talents in arts, media, and entertainment.

The brand distinguishes itself from the typical cinema experience and goes beyond being just a place to watch a movie.
As the premier brand in Saudi Arabia, one of its missions is continually enhancing its services, prioritising customer satisfaction and offering superior experiences.

Muvi Cinemas needed a reliable partner to navigate the following challenges

  • Unstable digital channels caused by inadequate middleware integration with the Vista ticketing system
  • Frequent downtime and compromised performance
  • High traffic periods resulted in booking losses
  • Disrupted payments and dwindling revenue
  • Needed to improve UI/UX to reduce booking time and improve retention

Customer feedback

Older app version

Lost my money when booking
I lost my money when booking the tickets very poor very bad service no contact details how can i get my money back
Application is crashing
The application keeps crashing and is currently under macitence, event when it was functioning it did not run well.
No customer service
Booked a ticket and unfortunately the date was wrong. There was no way to approach the customer service to change the date.

Reviving Muvi's digital channels

Muvi Cinemas turned to us for our entrepreneurial insight, proficiency in digital product development, and years of experience creating and growing businesses.

Together, we embarked on a transformative journey, turning challenges into success and weaving a story of strength and innovation.

Customer feedback

After app overhaul

Smooth and clean
it's working so smooth and clean no errors I booked and watched the movie the day after. (Insane)
This app is always for Saudi. Best & convenient
Perfectly Perfect, accurate details, easy to use, fast loading, no ads. Provides movies trailers and secure payments methods. Looking forward to seeing wallet and add to cal lander features in future updates

Our Journey


Product vision & strategy

We organised a set of collaborative workshops involving essential stakeholders to ensure alignment between business objectives and user-centric goals


We researched the target audience and performed a competitive analysis to find the product-market fit


Clearly defined the value proposition and established a detailed product roadmap to outline the development process

Design and Prototyping

Translated user needs into practical prototypes, to ensure the platform effectively engaged the audience


Our development strategy emphasised agile methodologies for rapid iterations via seamless testing and integration


Closely monitored the launch and collected user feedback to make insight-driven product improvements

LEt’s discover

The Transformation


RestoredStability in just 2 weeks

Through middleware integration, combined Vista, Loyalty, CMS & third-party APIs, boosting stability and scalability during peak usage.

Leveraged proactive automation to carefully track and report issues within the application.

Through advanced CMS, integrated content editing, publishing, version control & advanced SEO settings alongside multi-language support and analytics


Tailored A cinematic experience from scratch

By applying a strategic design process with the right tools and methodologies, we optimised results, validated ideas, and successfully revamped Muvi's digital channels


Conducted user research

To ensure our decision aligns with market needs


Effortless Navigation

For improved accessibility


Captivated & retained users with exceptional product experience

From initial prototyping to the final screens, our design process created a product that not only delivers a superb experience but also maximises user retention

Flexible payment methods . Personalised cinema alerts Convenient F&B purchasing  . A new identity that people love

The results

Increased user engagement and retention

Tickets booked via digital
Increase in Active app users in
8 months
User satisfaction increased
on digital platforms

Satisfied Clients

In Their Own Words
Team AlphaApps possesses both technological expertise and a profound understanding of business dynamics. They introduced innovative features and business concepts that reflect a remarkable drive to align the platform with our strategic vision.
Anas Shehab
CIO at Muvi Cinema

Seizing July’s optimal revenue prospects amidst epic releases

During recent blockbuster releases, our platform shouldered immense traffic loads, seamlessly navigating through sudden surges that would make any server quiver

But we didn't just survive

 We thrived

The true essence of the journey lay in the collaborative learning experience with Muvi, understanding business insights, and the ever-evolving cinema digital landscape. Now, our 30-member entertainment unit feels much more confident to tackle similar projects.
Saed Alghorani
Founder and CTO, AlphaApps