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Learn how we partnered with World Customs Organization to increase global adoption for their counterfeiting tool



The World Customs Organization (WCO) serves as the primary representative body for 182 customs administrations, collectively responsible for facilitating the processing of approximately 98% of global trade. Combatting the proliferation of counterfeit goods remains a persistent challenge, with illicit trade estimated to incur losses of around $1.5 trillion annually.

The WCO plays a crucial role in empowering customs officers worldwide by facilitating the adoption of state-of-the-art track-and-trace technologies. These measures aim to safeguard markets by ensuring that only genuine branded products are allowed to enter circulation.

The challenge

  • The WCO had already implemented IPM to aid officers in verifying product authenticity across borders.
  • Our challenge: Enhance IPM's scalability and performance.
  • Aim: Incorporate multiple brands, enabling customs officers worldwide to scan and authenticate entire product databases.

Building a unified database: Our approach

In partnership with the WCO, we embarked on a mission to streamline the process of welcoming new clients. Our joint endeavour focused on creating a unified database and establishing a simple yet scalable approach. Through this collaboration, we aimed to prioritise user experience and efficiency.

Our Journey

We partnered with WCO to achieve the following

Trust and credibility in the data system

Develop a scalable framework to accommodate hundreds of brands

Create user-centric design solutions for multi-lingual field-based agents

Leverage data analysis and reporting

Approaching the challenge

Scaling WCO's app for global usage

We developed a comprehensive solution that integrated millions of SKUs and made the fight against counterfeiting more efficient.

Enhancing anti-Counterfeiting efforts worldwide


We emphasised connectivity by integrating with hundreds of security solution providers and synchronising millions of products across 169 countries. This interconnectedness ensured seamless communication and collaboration between stakeholders.


Our solution streamlined product authenticity verification for customs officers by consolidating multiple brands, products, and security vendors into a unified database. This integration ensured easy access to all relevant information, simplifying the authentication process.


Acknowledging that most customs officers operate in the field, we prioritised mobile user journeys during design and development. The solution facilitated efficient product authenticity verification on the move.


A scalable and integrated solution



An easy-to-use app designed to assist customs officers and law enforcement in discovering counterfeit products in real-time.


Synchronised product database

A robust and scalable infrastructure to maintain and synchronise millions of products and integrate with hundreds of security solution providers.


Analyticsand reporting

Sophisticated analytics and reporting dashboard that brands have direct access to. They can track the route of legitimate products and be alerted whenever counterfeit goods are discovered.


Deployingmodern solutions

  • AWS cloud
  • Dedicated CMS
  • Complete data warehousing

The results

Driving global adoption and security

Increase in adoption amongst brands

Satisfied Clients

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