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Pedant is an intelligent document processing (IDP) platform that streamlines financial document management, including invoices, delivery notes, and bank cheques. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate data extraction, classification, and verification from such documents.

By transforming manual document handling into a streamlined digital workflow, Pedant reduces operational costs, speeds up processing times, and minimises errors. It is an indispensable tool for any business looking to optimise its transactional workflow.

Problem Statement

Processing financial documents like invoices, cheques, and delivery notes is a critical function in business operations, but it is often plagued by inefficiencies, errors, and high costs. Traditional methods involve manual data entry, cross-verification, and extensive paper trails, leading to:

  • Delayed payments and cash flow issues
  • Increased risk of human error
  • High operational costs
  • Inefficient use of human resources
  • Excess time spent on manual processing

To address these challenges, we aimed to develop Pedant - a comprehensive, automated document processing solution.

Our Objective

Build a system to automate document digitisation and data extraction

Use machine learning (ML) algorithms to improve data accuracy and compliance with invoice fraud detection and duplicate checking

Enhance account processing efficiency, reduce financial discrepancies, and accelerate payment cycles

Automating data extraction

How Pedant works


Upload financial

Easy bulk upload of pdf documents and e-invoices via email forwarding and API


Processing and

Pre-trained and continuously evolving Machine-Learning model extracts document details such as invoice-number, date, amount, and line items



Pedant uses AI to automate validation against predefined rules, formats, and databases. It identifies and flags discrepancies, such as missing tax numbers or IBANs



Effortless data export in preferred format. Pedant’s developer interface provides API endpoints for seamless integration with ERP and accounting platforms

LEt’s discover

Core Features

Pedant is engineered to revolutionise financial document management across diverse business. Its core features include:


Advanced fraud detection

Pedant deploys sophisticated algorithms to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, safeguarding financial data


Duplicate invoice resolution

The system efficiently detects and manages duplicate invoices, preventing payment errors and financial discrepancies


ERP integration

Designed to sync with existing ERP and accounting systems, it maintains data integrity and compliance across all platforms


Country regulations & e-invoice obligations

Pedant supports compliance with country-specific regulations, such as ZATCA (Saudi Arabia), UStG (Germany), and more


advanced cheque signature & fraud detection

The platform supports cheque signature verification and fraud detection, ensuring every transaction is authentic and secure

The results

Successfully processed over 15 million financial documents

Compliance with country regulations, custom VAT rules, and e-invoice obligations
Accuracy in data extraction and invoice matching
Cost savings from reduced manual efforts and error rates
Time saved on invoice processing

Approaching the challenge

Building Pedant from scratch

We implemented our venture building model to develop a roadmap for the platform

Market research
We conducted in-depth market research through client interviews and surveys to identify common pain points and workflow issues in invoice processing
Design and prototyping
Created prototypes for the user interface and workflow. Gathered feedback from potential users to iteratively refine the platform
Technology stack assessment
After assessing project requirements, team expertise, scalability, speed, cost, and integration, we selected a technology stack for further development
Integration and testing
Developed APIs for seamless integration with popular ERP and accounting systems, and conducted extensive testing to ensure reliability and performance
Deployment and launch
Deployed the solution on AWS for scalability and security, then conducted a phased rollout, starting with a pilot group to gather feedback before full launch

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