Optimising Dealership Performance Across Multiple Channels

AlphaApps partners with Al Tayer Motors to boost operational efficiency and sales


Al Tayer Motors

Al Tayer Motors was established in 1982 and represents major European and American automobile manufacturers - Ford, Lincoln, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford Trucks across the UAE.

With a growing network of sales, service, and parts centres across Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah, the dedicated team of more than 3000 professionals is committed to improving customer satisfaction.

the new automotive buyer

  • With increasing internet penetration and a growing number of potential auto buyers in the Middle East, online car research has become integral to consumer behaviour
  • This transformation calls for automotive dealerships to adopt strategies that meet evolving consumer preferences across all channels
  • Recognizing the need to elevate operational prowess in response to dynamic developments, Al Tayer embarked on a comprehensive digitisation of its operations
  • The company aimed to seamlessly integrate online and offline interactions, envisioning an effective omni-channel strategy to leverage customer data and deliver a unified journey

 A Ground-Up Optimization Journey


To enlist a partner capable of optimising their dealership operations from the ground up


Acknowledging the need for a strategic partner, Al Tayer Motors actively pursued a collaborator renowned for their product design expertise and business value comprehension

Our Journey

We partnered with Al Tayer Motors to achieve the following:

Prevent potential lost deals

Enhance Quality Assurance (QA) operations

Increase booking numbers

Boost conversion

Encourage renewals of insurance policies

Approaching the challenge

Creating an integrated digital ecosystem for Al Tayer

We adopted an integrated approach to address the core aspects of automotive retail.
The goal was to ensure a comprehensive and streamlined user experience.


Creating lasting customer value

Conducted collaborative workshops with stakeholders to identify dealership challenges and align them with a lasting customer relationship strategy. This created a compelling USP for the entire buying journey.
Business modelling
Tailored a business model to suit
Al Tayer's operational dynamics, prioritised features and provided detailed specifications for the planned solutions
User testing & validation
Through continuous feedback loops with end-users and dealership stakeholders, we drove iterative refinements.

Enabling efficient dealership processes

Workflow automation
We integrated Keyloop, a third-party system, for user-friendly appointment bookings. As the first in the Middle East to adopt Keyloop, we used a middleware and SDK to enhance functionality and user experience.
Scalable infrastructure
Optimised scalability through thorough API integration, performance, and stress testing.
Data analytics
Integrated Tableau Analytics and custom dashboards into Al Tayer's booking system for detailed analytics, streamlining the in-app buy-online process with features like advisor names and campaign filtering.


a stable and interconnected dealership


Facilitating a stable and interconnected dealership

An all-in-one app that delivers real-time booking updates, service details, transparent pricing, personalised offers, and flexible payment options.

  • Two-way communication for clean customer information
  • Powerful marketing automation and segmentation tools for targeted outreach
  • E-Commerce module for enhanced revenue opportunities

Online Trade-Ins Bidding Solution

A convenient solution for automotive dealers to easily connect with car traders for online bidding and trade-in request viewing

  • Complete trade-ins process management
  • Multilingual support (Arabic / English)
  • Streamlined trader communication via a single dashboard

Insurance sales automation platform

A centralised platform that streamlines insurance-related processes, making it more efficient for customers to consider insurance options. Facilitates a smoother decision-making process.

  • Automated ticket management, reminders, and follow-up
  • Multiple stages for streamlined insurance processes
  • Customer data cleansing for accuracy
  • Automated ticket management, reminders, and follow-up
  • Multiple stages for streamlined insurance processes
  • Customer data cleansing for accuracy

Service Center QA Application

An application for the QA team to evaluate the performance and service quality on serviced cars

  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of quality service audits
  • Insights on best performing workshop
  • Insights on historical data from the backend system

Reporting Tool

Customisable and interactive, this tool can be configured based on the dealer data, requirements and preferred layout

  • Data collection and storage in a centralized data warehouse
  • Enhanced efficiency and precision in business decision-making
  • Reduced report preparation time

The results

Optimised performance across different channels

Increased test drives
Increase in closed insurance purchases compared to manual processes
Of all service bookings captured on the dealership app


User Experiences

Seamless Service Excellence
End to end self service, flawless experience. well done Al-Tayer for a consistence level of service excellence through all channels !
Efficient...always  great service experience...great hospitality and service advisor always on top of their stuff...great in keep clients up to date on vehicle status and expected TAT...well recommended
Easy to use
Easy to login, got all your info at its database, easy to schedule an appointment. very good integration with other AlTayer’s internal system and database
Our partnership with Al Tayer was a valuable learning experience. It went beyond technology and showed us the value of smoothing out processes right from the beginning. our automotive team is excited about embracing more challenges. We're thrilled to integrate our technological expertise with our knowledge on improving business operations.
Saed Alghorani
Founder and CTO, AlphaApps