Bringing fuel on demand to customers in the UAE

Discover how we partnered with the world's largest energy company to drive fuel transactions and customer engagement



ADNOC, based in Abu Dhabi, is one of the world's largest energy companies. In 2019, it ranked as the most valuable Middle East brand on the Brand Finance Global 500 list. As part of its 2030 strategy, ADNOC Distribution is prioritising geographic expansion.

With locations already established in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, ADNOC now boasts over 20 million monthly visits across its network of 362 stations.

The challenge

  • Enhancing the fuel buying experience
  • Building solutions for ADNOC's growth and transaction volume goals

Propelling ADNOC's growth and ROI: Our approach

As ADNOC's trusted partner, we aimed to boost brand engagement and increase fuel transactions. Each solution we crafted showcased lasting value and scalability, in line with ADNOC's global growth.

Our Journey

We partnered with ADNOC to achieve the following:

Improved customer experience

Higher transaction volumes

Optimised business operations

Approaching the challenge

Setting up a solid foundation

Through our digital venture building approach, ADNOC didn't just develop functional solutions, but  achieved optimal business performance.


Creating lasting customer value

We created MVPs by distilling complex ideas into essential features, ensuring rapid development and user feedback integration.
Business modelling
Our specification tasks went beyond technical features, extending to business modelling. We crafted the model by blending insights and creativity for sustainable success.
User testing & validation
Through continuous feedback loops with end-users, we drove iterative refinements

Enabling optimal business processes

Robust integrations
We encountered legacy software and the challenge of integrating multiple vendors without disrupting their entire backend. Our solution? Multiple communication layers and APIs to address the issue smoothly.
Data analytics
We established systems to assist ADNOC's marketing team harness data for improved customer segmentation. It ensured a more personalised experience for every customer.
Training and development
To ensure a seamless customer experience, we invested in training the support team on the new products and services.

Accelerated growth

Transforming ADNOC's operations and customer success


at the forecourt

We enhanced the "Pay at Pump" feature by integrating the ADNOC mobile wallet with beacon technology. It enabled owners to refuel, pay and drive off without deboarding their vehicle.


At home

Introduced "Call to Fuel," ADNOC's fuel-on-demand service, allowing customers to conveniently order fuel directly to their homes.



We built a loyalty program from scratch that rewarded customers anytime they made a transaction with ADNOC.


Deployingmodern solutions

  • AWS Cloud
  • Dedicated CMS
  • Complete Data Warehousing

The results

Driving deeper engagement

Satisfied customers
Reward points collected by customers
Brought down time to market from months to weeks


User Experiences

Good Experience
I recently had the pleasure of using the ADNOC Mobile App, and I must say, it has truly transformed the way I manage my fuel and convenience needs. This app is a game-changer, and I want to share my positive experience with everyone!

Satisfied Clients

In Their Own Words
The major benefit of AlphaApps is that they do not only think like developers, but also like business owners and entrepreneurs. We benefited from their experience of building and operating digital products.
Mutaz Kasem
Technical Lead ADGC