Unlock Innovation with Corporate Venture Building

Transform your ideas into successful businesses with a proven venture- building model

Empowering MENA Businesses

Our corporate venture building model

We partner with you to build innovative ventures that fuel growth, combining your resources with our entrepreneurial know-how.

Working hand in hand with your team, our entrepreneurs, engineers, and product experts put in the work to turn concepts into thriving ventures, ensuring success from Day 1.

Innovation audit

We assess the effectiveness of your current innovation capabilities, including employee engagement, leadership support, processes, skills, market trends, and competitive benchmarks

Whitespace opportunity analysis

Identify gaps or opportunities in the market where your product or service could fulfil unmet needs or provide unique value

Innovation strategy

We determine the best approach to foster innovation within your organisation, whether through innovation labs and R&D, mergers and acquisitions, separate digital units, or independent new ventures

Research and ideation

Brainstorm and generate innovative ideas aligned with the innovation strategy, clearly defining the concepts, value proposition, and target market

Prototyping and

Develop prototypes or minimum viable products (MVPs) and digital infrastructure to test the feasibility of the concepts

Business modelling

Develop financial models to project revenue, costs, and profitability. Assess potential risks with mitigation strategies, and plan necessary resources for further development

Pilot programme

Launch your pilot and analyse its performance. Continue digital infrastructure enhancements, and iterate quickly in the market to tailor the solution to customer needs

Scale and grow

Gear your venture for long-term success by iteratively refining concepts, scaling operations, executing full-scale market launch, and strategically hiring top talent

competitive advantage

Continuously innovate to stay ahead of competitors. Focus on improvements, new features, and disruptive technologies through advanced strategies

Proven track record

Corporate Venture building portfolio

Why us?

Let's build your venture together

We are co-founders, not consultants

We work with your team side-by-side to ensure every step is meticulously handled from inception to market scaling

Seasoned venture architects

Our experienced team of startup entrepreneurs and technologists help you identify emerging trends, driving new growth opportunities

Launch with confidence

Our rigorous testing and validation methods  reduce risks, ensuring your solution is primed for success.

Agile framework

We understand that time is of the essence. And thus, our agile approach ensures rapid adaptation to market changes and quicker delivery of solutions

We are data-driven

Let go of uncertainties and assumptions with solid performance marketing insights to inform strategies and optimise operations


We prioritise establishing and optimising operational processes for scalable growth, while simultaneously minimising inefficiencies