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Our team gets easily excited about great ideas. Since 2007 we have seen that the internet is changing from a portal driven technology to an app economy. This change offered tremendous opportunity for new ideas and business models.This was our chance to get involved. We founded WidgetLabs as a first-mover in Germany and what we did was great AND successful apps for Multinational companies. Our main driver has always been to develop usable, functional and beautiful apps that make our clients and us happy! We founded AlphaApps in Abu Dhabi to help bring this industry forward in the Middle-East by doing great work. We are strong believers in original Arabic Content which has enormous potential and an amazing market as well as our capability to match technology benchmarks set by the western startups.


Creative, passionate, innovative... sadly these words have been misused and presented in every agency profile by default! Our main skill is our dedication to get things done in the best possible way. We cannot rest until things are as they should be "awesome". We don't just tweak the technology, we also work on ourselves on a daily basis, asking ourselves what can be done better and how?

We develop arabic apps for your children, that are fun and educational.


//Mobile App Development straight from the UAE

We help customers to become mobile and social. A good mobile and social presence starts with setting goals and a strategy. We love to be involved early in the strategy process because a good strategy + an awesome execution are a recipe for success. You can benefit from our experience being one of the first players in the market knowing the trends and technology.


Technology is just the purpose to reach the objective. We will use the best suitable technology to reach your goal. Technology is one part but having the right user experience and design plays a major role in apps especially that the average user is used to high quality apps.

We love to do things right! Quick and Dirty is boring. If things are not build in a proffessional way right from the beginning the cost of maintenance and scaling might jeopardize the best project.

Our work is based on a scrum base agile development process which allows quick iterations with early feedback loops. This helps to get hands on prototypes early in the process and ensure that the solution fits your business needs. Read more about Scrum.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle -

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We are located at Twofour54, Media Zone Abu Dhabi in the wonderful UAE. We are happy to get in touch with you.

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